“When you dream, you forget how old you are.” This fund puts aside age to help the elderly fulfil their dreams

This is Suhua Highway, renowned in Taiwan for its astounding beauty and precipitous cliff edge....

The coming of a “super-aged society”: how Taiwan, the fastest ageing population, is responding

Birth, ageing, illness and death - the four bitters of life - once this journey has...

iHealth’s pioneering home-delivery pharmacy– it’s completely free!

Just think, how long does it take for a drug to travel from the pharmacy to...

This magical TV box allows the elderly to talk to their children by just changing the channel

The relationships between people are in three concentric circles: the outer ring is acquaintances, the inner...


Subverting the traditional concept of a bank: recipients can also be givers.

Big Issue

Helping the homeless regain initiative in their life!


Opening a window to the world: using across-disciplinary  platform to remove  limitations for Taiwanese students.

Townway Cultural and Creative Corporation

Creating local industry in a small town.


Wearing fashionable environmentally friendly clothing made out of recycled coffee grounds.

DA.AI Technology

Co-existing with the Earth – A Tzu Chi Initiative.