Taiwan is becoming a “hyper-aged” society (20 percent of the population 65 or over) within 10 years, which is the fastest among advanced economies. Facing this rapidly aging trend, many social enterprises offer a variety of innovative services for senior citizens to enhance physical and mental health. By implementing more practices of Active Aging, Taiwan is on the way of an aging-friendly society.

In a perfect system, if each product in the design of the beginning, was set to continue to enter the cycle to be reused to play every value, then the system will not have any waste, because all of the Everything is a resource. This is the ultimate goal of circular economy – a no waste, complete cycle of economic resources system.

Human economic and social development So far, many deficiencies persist. At the other end of the market, the prevailing mainstream mode of business operation often leads to “excessive looting”, which greatly increases the profitability and investment returns of business owners or shareholders, the common treatment and development of employees, supplier relations, customer value protection and the community And the relationship between environmental values imbalance, the formation of major social problems.

More than a third of the food is discarded every year on farmland, in restaurants or at home, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and 790 million people worldwide suffer from famine. These contradictions and the data all indicate that the public must begin to face the food wastes the related topic.