Wearing fashionable environmentally friendly clothing made out of recycled coffee grounds.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder

“To become the world’s most environmentally friendly and functional textile company” has always been founder Jason Chen’s lofty goal. Determined to be an enterprise with a clear conscience that can bring warmth to people, Singtex takes the quality and R&D of fabric technology as the mainstays of its development, constantly investing in innovative R&D to develop raw materials or products that are kind to the environment.

History of development/business model

Established in 1989, Singtex is a functional fabric research and development supplier. Making use of environmental technology, in 2008 it turned recycled coffee grounds into special fibres through a patenting process, calling the result S.Café. The benefits of S.Café include:

  • Reduction of carbon footprint. During the manufacturing process, the carbon footprint per kilo of S.Café is 80% less than that of activated carbon clothing.
  • Products made out of S.Café include special features, such as quick-drying, odor control and UV protection.
  • To take good care of the Earth, recycled coffee grounds are used to produce reduced-carbon environmentally friendly products.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems

The French outdoor performance brand Eider was the first to formally use S.Café. Today, Patagonia, The North Face, Puma and 110 others have become Singtex’s international partners and have already launched S.Café in many products, such as in anti-sweat clothes and waterproof, cold-resistant, foldable suits. Singtex has also cooperated with the international chain coffee shop Starbucks, which has become a long-term supplier of coffee grounds. Not only does Singtex unleash the effectiveness of seemingly unremarkable coffee grounds, its product also represents a major breakthrough in environmentally friendly technology for the textile industry.   


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