Opening a window to the world:      using across disciplinary platform  to remove limitations for Taiwanese students.  


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder  

IOH’s founder Chih Chao Chuang has taken advantage of the popularity of the Internet and digitisation to mitigate the problem of information inequality in Taiwan. IOH invites students and alumni from local and overseas universities to record videos sharing their experience of studying in different departments at different universities. By sharing academic and campus life experiences, IOH hopes to break down geographical boundaries and help more students plan their future career.

History of development/business model  

Soon after IOH won a prize from the Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Fund in 2013, it began to recruit volunteers and invite students who were studying or had studied at domestic or overseas universities to share their personal experiences in self-recorded videos. Taiwanese students, planning to advance their study either in Taiwan or abroad, can learn more about different study experiences at different universities via this platform. Meanwhile, IOH also regularly organises themed lectures, such as on university choices and designated countries, and on application and interview skills, which help to answer students’ questions about choosing the right university.

Following continuous increases in shared cases and viewers, IOH has started to collaborate with different departments at different universities to make featured videos on student enrolments, the revenue of which has become one of its sources of income.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems  

A sluggish economy, lack of competitiveness and brain drain have worsened the employment environment in Taiwan. Seeing this phenomenon, IOH realised that what Taiwan lacks is not talent, but information and international perspectives. Considering this, IOH set up an open platform of experience sharing, which helps Taiwanese students learn more about careers, industries and technology, and pursue their dreams with more courage.

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