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Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

“To do something that would be influential around the world” was the mission given to BoniO by founder Benson Yeh. In 2014, Professor Benson Yeh of National Taiwan University’s Department of Electrical Engineering led an entrepreneurial team in creating the world’s first online gaming/learning platform, PaGamO (which is named after Taiwanese Hokkien for “play games and learn”). It took advantage of the human love of competition and the psychology of ranking to integrate gaming into learning, allowing students to gradually develop the habit of independent learning while “killing virtual beasts”, and turning playing video games into something that is beneficial to learning.

History of development/business model 

After PaGamO was established, it aimed at a global market, winning the championship at Reimagine Education, and taking out first place at E-Learning awards of the same year. Seeing the potential of PaGamO, Benson Yeh led the first generation of students who had helped in its development and several young engineers to form BoniO Inc. in the spring of 2014, so as to continue the influence of the PaGamO product and to build the best software for improving learning outcomes.

Meanwhile, PaGamO has also actively expanded into the European, American and Chinese markets. In addition to providing personal use of general games, it has also designed a system that can be provided to publishers and schools to create their own “game world”. Currently, the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School has booked three years of service for its students.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

At the moment, Benson Yeh is continuing to work with a group of like-minded teachers to jointly promote the “Unbounded Classroom”, a program for fifth to twelfth grade courses, that brings the subjectivity of education and learning back to children through a customised system. The program hopes to cultivate a group of talented leaders who can guide world trends and change the world.

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