How’s Food

Building a new connection between people and food.

Food & Agriculture

Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

How’s Food is a fair-trade platform that supports environmentally-friendly production and educates consumers about food and agriculture. In order to build a society that values food justice, not only do the agricultural and food production systems need to be improved to ensure consumers no longer compromise their health and exploit land and farmers, but product buying and selling also needs to be transformed into a friendly network connecting consumers and farmers.

History of development/business model 

How’s Food was officially established in 2012. Different from other online shopping platforms, How’s Food not only sells farm produce, but has also arranged a series of educational programs focusing on agriculture and food production, as well as organised small tours to food production sites. By doing so, How’s Food is looking forward to creating a network that is mutually beneficial for food producers and food consumers.

At the same time, How’s Food has also designed a mechanism called “community veggie mayors” and set up a veggie mayor committee, which incorporates representatives from consumer, producer and specialist groups and regularly discusses produce transaction mechanisms and other rules concerning veggie mayors.

How’s Food also believes that the goal of food processing is to deal with produce surpluses. Therefore, it has released a series of products processed in an environmentally-friendly fashion, including Light Cheese Brown Rice Cakes, Black Bean Cakes, Black Bean Longan Brownies, Peanut Candies, etc. By not using chemical additives that may be detrimental to people’s health in production, both the flavour of ingredients and the safety of products can be secured.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

How’s Food currently collaborates with 50 food producers and 19 local communities, and has already organised more than 100 lectures to help small farmers in their transition to environmentally-friendly farming, counselling them on how to develop distribution channels and new food processing technologies. Their efforts have brought many obvious results. By introducing local grains into baking, How’s Food has successfully revitalised set-aside land and restored the farming of rice. It has also begun the mass production of local soybeans, coix seed, wheat and other grains. Meanwhile, more small farmers and small-scale food processing enterprises are joining in this local grain revival movement and working together to make Taiwanese food culture more attractive and competitive.

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