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Food & Agriculture

Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

In 2014, the whole of Taiwan was heavily shrouded in the shadow of a food adulteration crisis that caused widespread panic among the population. Consumers started to boycott milk brands owned by the scandalous company, which, in the end, brought more harm to hard-working local dairy farmers. “This is the first bottle of milk to be born out of the power of a social movement”, said the founder of PUREMILK, which is dedicated to overturning unfair trade practices in the dairy industry, solving food adulteration problems, and rewriting the current rules of the distribution network in order to bring about a milk revolution.

History of development/business model 

“So long as cows are healthy, the milk they produce is good.” PUREMILK believes by taking good care of the health of cows, the quality of milk is guaranteed. Apart from the fact that the founder Chien-Chia Kong, who is also a professional veterinarian, regularly makes veterinarian visits to the dairy farms that PUREMILK cooperates with, PUREMILK has teams of veterinarians stationed at dairy farms, providing professional assistance and consulting farm owners about feeding and breeding practices.

PUREMILK buys raw milk from quality dairy farmers who are willing to invest in optimising the feeding and breeding management of their farms. It has also cooperated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute in developing a “cold chain logistic model” to ensure that, during every process, milk is kept in a refrigerated environment compliant with regulations before the customer receives fresh milk that has no ingredient changes.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

Today, PUREMILK cooperates with hundreds of businesses all over Taiwan. In May 2016, PUREMILK adopted its second dairy farm thorough its second round of crowdfunding. In the same year, it also secured a position in the distribution system of FamilyMart, which has provided an opportunity for more consumers to see this smallholder brand.

In the future, PUREMILK hopes to put aside part of its profits for a fund dedicated to the training of large animal veterinarians in order to continue safeguarding the quality of dairy products in Taiwan. At the same time, it will keep working with many other enterprises and irregularly donating fresh milk to social welfare organisations around Taiwan, such as orphanages and child protection institutions.

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