Cha Tzu Tang

Revitalising the cultural depth of camellia seed, and to cherish and honour the traditions and culture of our homeland, Taiwan.

Environment | Food & Agriculture

Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

Cha Tzu Tang was established by founder Wen-hao Chao with the aim of combining aspects of Taiwanese cultural and creative industries with local agriculture.  Cha Tzu Tang’s products have been chosen as the official prize gift for the Golden Horse Film Awards over two consecutive years. Not only that, Cha Tzu Tang has also successfully revitalised the farming and cultural value of  camellia seed oil, creating an unique brand that encompasses the culture of camellia seeds.

History of development/business model 

Back in 2003, Wen-hao Chao took over the Cha Tzu Tang family business and spent four years researching and developing detergents made from camellia seed that received positive feedback from consumers. It was only in 2009 that he started to become deeply involved with the operation of a tea plantation in Miaoli, where he came to understand the situation of tea farms and noticed that most upstream tea farmers tend to be elderly. Therefore, he decided to use contract farming to provide more security to the lives of these farmers.

In 2012, after many years of effort, Cha Tzu Tang began to move towards the development of its own brand. By revitalising the culture surrounding camellia seed and dividing its products into the five major product lines of “Oil, Hair, Body, Home and Gift”, Cha Tzu Tang has broadened consumers’ understanding of tea seeds and their usage. Cha Tzu Tang also chooses traditional Taiwanese elements, such as printmaking art, for its packaging design and brings a brand-new cultural image to a traditional industry.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

Starting out as a traditional industry, Cha Tzu Tang has only reached today’s level of development and revival through creative packaging design and a commitment to agriculture that lies behind its products. In order to create more channels for the public to learn about camellia seed culture, Cha Tzu Tang has laid out a five-year or even a longer plan to pursue its cause.

The ultimate goal of Cha Tzu Tang is to raise public awareness surrounding camellia seeds . By promoting camellia seeds, Cha Tzu Tang can reflect their value and meaning, share the story of Taiwanese, and, at the same time, build the possibility of sustainable development for camellia seed farms.

In the future, apart from continuously to expand camellia seed culture, Cha Tzu Tang will dedicate in discovering more natural ingredients extracted from Taiwanese plants, in order to foster Taiwanese traditions and culture, moreover, to allow the world to learn more about Taiwan.

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