REnato Lab

Reimagining waste through design.

Environment | Social Design

Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

“Relive Everything” is the value held by founder Jackie Wang, who aims to transform unrecyclable waste into practical, durable and beautiful products, bringing eco-friendly materials closer to our home life.   The name of his enterprise, “REnato”, consists of two different words; “re” means “renew” and “repeat” in English, while “nato” means “birth” in Italian. The combination of these words not only signifies rebirth, but also cross-disciplinary confluence.  

History of development/business model 

Founder Jackie Wang used to work for an environmental consulting company and has assisted governments in policy-making related to electronic waste. The discovery that there were no chances to reuse many types of waste inspired him to find a way to give such waste a “new life”. As a result, he established “REnato Lab” in cooperation with like-minded designer Henry Hsiao.  

At the moment, REnato is focused on the development of materials, as well as seeking more possibilities for cross-industry cooperation. Apart from retro benches made of waste tyres and recycled aluminium doors and windows, it has worked with Super Dragon Technology in diversifying the uses of electronic waste. For example, the brightness enhancement films used for electronic screens can be made into lamps with unique designs, and heat sinks and CPUs can be turned into stationery and wall bricks. These are both examples of household products that go beyond the general public’s imagination.  

 Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

In addition to managing the information-provision and matchmaking platform Green Ocean, REnato Lab also actively participates in international exhibitions, such as the Milan Furniture Fair in Italy. It has also collaborated with the United Nations University with an eye to solving global issues related to the environment and ecological systems together with other countries, allowing the world to appreciate the achievement of Taiwanese start-up companies in the field of environmental protection.  

In 2016, REnato was invited to join the “World Design Capital Taipei 2016”, in which it cooperated with the Taiwan Design Centre and the Department of Cultural Affairs in organising several workshops, such as “Green Ocean”, “Design of Love” and “Design Thinking”. These workshops provided an opportunity for participants to understand environmental issues related to waste recycling by inviting them


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