Hong Ming Eco Technology 

Creating a green, environmentally friendly life together.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

Hua Hong Yang, founder of Hong Ming Eco Technology, based on past experiences, is deeply concerned about the overuse of petrochemical plastic and the relevant problems of environmental pollution, greenhouse gas effect and climate changes. However, these major issues have not been taken seriously. That’s why he starting his own enterprise in 2012. He has devoted himself to the innovative research and development of NPPm bio-plastic raw materials and the minimisation of ecological problems caused by energy-related pollution, try his best to reduce the greenhouse gas effect and to leave a better living environment for the next generation.

History of development/business model 

In 2002, Hua Hong Yang, Hong Ming Eco Technology’s founder, went to China to start working in the plastic industry. During this period, he realised the great importance attached to the issue of environmental pollution by the Chinese government and top global brands, and started to think about devoting his own expertise to our living environment.

After accumulating a certain amount of experiences and skills, Hua Hong Yang gathered together a group of aspiring young people with professional expertise to jointly set up Hong Ming Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

In the start-up period, Hong Ming Eco Technology invest all into innovative research and successfully find out the natural materials such as plant starch and cellulose could be replaced the traditional petrochemical plastics. Natural Polymer Plastic material refer to as “NPPm”, in line with internationally certified biodegradable, bio-based materials.
In addition, Hong Ming Eco Technology also applies innovative and environmentally friendly concepts in its collaboration with downstream manufacturers, such as in making clothing, shoes, furniture, stationery, tableware, household items, small appliances and other end products.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

The NPPm bio-based materials developed by Hong Ming Eco Technology can meet EU OK biodegradable certifications. Products made by NPPm after composting can return to nature. NPPm can significantly reduce the need for petroleum, and the carbon dioxide emission is about 20-30% that of traditional plastic materials. Therefore, the wastes can be recycled, the products that use such material can be safely incinerated and will not discharge harmful substances. It can truly achieve a sustainable recycling economy.

In order to promote the idea of green consumption, its team is also actively striving for cooperation with internationally renowned distributors, such as NITORI, DAISO, HOLA, IKEA, Decathlon; sportswear manufacturers such as ANTA, SKECHERS, CROCS.

Through its innovation of environmentally friendly materials and creative applications and marketing, Hong Ming Eco Technology has successfully created a non-toxic, eco-friendly home environment and realised the ideal of “caring for the Earth”.


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