Village’s green gem, stringing together the whole mountain in mutual prosperity.

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Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

In 2009, Typhoon Morakot hit Kaohsiung City’s Siaolin Village in Jiasian District. In response, Allen  Tsai , then the chairperson of the local self-help association, created the hand-made brand “Sunshine Siaolin”, in order to bring a source of income to the local community after reconstruction. When the reconstruction work had gradually got on track, Allen  Tsai   unexpectedly  found  a 10-year-old plum tree in the village. Seeing the opportunity to revitalise  Siaolin’s plum industry, he officially established Neways2021 on the fourth anniversary of  Morakot, using the green-coloured gem, the green plum, in his commitment to solving long-term unemployment problems in this post-disaster reconstruction area. 

History of development/business model 

Neways2021 has built an economic circle of old plum trees that comprises the cooperation of upstream and downstream production activities. Using a fair and reasonable price to buy green plums from their place of origin on the heights of the mountain, Neways2021 mitigates production and sales imbalances that have resulted in the long-term low price of plums. At the same time, it adopts exclusive Japanese technology for making pickled plums, and guides plum farmers on how to make pickled salted plums. Neways2021 has also established a warehouse for storing semifinished pickled plums. By doing so, it has effectively improved storage times and solved the problem of being unable to transport fresh plums due to road closures. After semifinished pickled salted plums are transported down the mountain, there is the second stage of candy processing, before plum paste, jam, plum cakes and other special brand products are ultimately produced. 

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

Neways2021 diversifies product development, increases local employment opportunities, and, in this way, attracts a crowd of tourist consumers to revive the industry of the local people in the post-disaster reconstruction area. Neways2021 also contributes 35% of its surplus to charitable donations or investment in order to further give back to the community. 


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