Do You A Flavor 

Using creativity to help disadvantaged street sellers support family and society.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

In 2014, the three founders of Do You A Flavour, Kuan Chen Chu , Yan De Wu and Shu Huai Chang, found that despite the differences between street sellers being large, they are all faced with the same reality: they have to live on even more elastic street selling work after encountering certain difficulties, such as illness or family members needing care. At the same time, Do You A Flavour also noticed that street sellers normally do not have sufficient time and capital to develop new products and bear the risk accompanying the sale of new products. In order to make street selling businesses sustainable, Do You A Flavour aims to “assist street sellers to develop good products and bear the risk of new product development together”. By becoming the backup force of street sellers, Do You A Flavour hopes to transform their lives.  

History of development/business model 

The first street channel established by Do You A Flavour was Life Grocery, which assists street sellers to develop new products, such as soil-friendly Taiwanese local food, bamboo toothbrushes, designer chewing gums and Magnolia air fresheners. By providing street sellers with more kinds of products and enhancing their product quality and image, they can receive a better income and the public can have a different impression of the products they sell. Every product comes with a clear label about how the sales income is distributed between the producer, Do You A Flavor and the street seller. It is hoped not only that the public can come to think about the difference between “exploitation” and “reasonable income”, but that consumers can also understand where every dollar they spend will end up and who it will support.  

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

Through interviews and field studies, Do You A Flavour got to know ordinary street sellers and organisations and further explored the reasons behind the public’s misunderstanding of street sellers. By writing observation reports and hosting all kinds of intriguing projects, Do You A Flavour has made the public realise that street selling is not dark at all. In fact, it is a job that gives disadvantaged people an opportunity to place their foot firmly in society. 

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