Using design to weave the dream of helping students.

Fair Trade

Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

While travelling in Cambodia, Ming Feng Wang, a graduate of Tunghai University’s Department of Industrial Design, found that local residents living in poverty had long relied on international NGOs for assistance, so decided to help the local people escape poverty altogether. Because of rapid mass production, Cambodia’s specialty product, brown sugar made out of palm tree nectar, was often lacking in quality, and the manual work associated with its production tended to be rough and in poor sanitary conditions. Therefore, Ming Feng Wang decided to develop a high-quality palm sugar to help Cambodia escape poverty. 

History of development/business model 

In order to improve quality levels, Ming Feng Wang sought the French ECOCERT EU organic certification body to help teach Cambodian farmers about high-temperature sterilisation practices, how to check all levels of product sanitation, the use of the “contract” approach in cooperating with sugar farmers, and the protection of a reasonable income for sugar farmers. CAMGOLDIA attaches great importance to product marketing, beautiful packaging and social philosophy to attract customers, so that purchasing the product is not just a one-time ethical consumption, but instead a feeling of identification with the organic brown sugar itself. In addition to general channels like hotel gift shops and supermarkets, CAMGOLDIA uses business exhibitions to expand its customer base, where it conveys the brand’s social philosophy to the public. From the sale of each boxed product, NT $10 is allocated to a local scholarship fund in Cambodia. 

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

CAMGOLDIA products began production in 2007. In addition to being sold in Cambodian local airports and supermarkets, points of sale have been set up all over Taiwan since 2010. In Cambodia, CAMGOLDIA works with sugar farmers in over 10 villages to provide better-paid jobs to at least 40 families. In the future, CAMGOLDIA hopes to cooperate with more local organisations in the development of products and gradually build schools to improve education, so as to ultimately achieve its goal of helping Cambodian people out of poverty. 

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