7C Kitchen

Creating communal food from leftovers and giving it to the homeless.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

“If society has infinite problems, I will create infinite ideas.” 7C Kitchen’s founder Hedy Yang hoped that the social enterprise she created would be a brand that would disappear after the social problems it addressed were solved.

7C Kitchen recycles market fruit and vegetables that are relatively ugly or unattractive on the outside, turning these into meals. Customers can choose to work, exchange products, or pay as they see fit to enjoy a delicious meal. Through sharing activities, it is hoped that the perception that “money is the only option for judging value” can be broken down, and the distance between people can be shortened.

History of development/business model 

In addition to going to the market every day to recover ugly fruit and vegetables that can be turned into delicacies, 7C Kitchen provides a pay as you like method for the general public and disadvantaged groups to enjoy. In April 2016, 7C Kitchen started to primarily sell exotic ready-meals and seasoning sauces, using 30% of its profits to buy fresh ingredients for meals that could be delivered to the homeless.

7C Kitchen has promised to establish a virtuous cycle of “one market, one cafeteria for the disadvantaged”, so that “food waste” can be changed into “enjoyable food”. In the future, it plans to hire ex-prisoners, single mothers, and AIDS sufferers to work in the kitchen so that it can move towards its goal of becoming a sheltered workshop.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

In addition to creating value out of food waste, 7C Kitchen provides space for the disadvantaged to enjoy a meal, as well as a location for a variety of social issues to be dealt with, such as by organising the exchange of second-hand clothing or allowing disadvantaged households to rent clothes at a low price. It also provides a space to discuss how to help ex-prisoners, the employment problems of the homeless, and even how small groups can exchange arts and cultural resources with each other and collaborate with illustrators to co-launch arts and cultural products for the homeless to sell. These are all issues that 7C Kitchen hopes to focus on.

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