Reading makes our life complete.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

What can reading help us achieve? The founder of Read-Life, Jun-de Cheng, hopes it can help people realise their better selves, form a mutually beneficial community, simplify the pursuit of self-realisation and of many other good things, and eventually change the whole of society.

History of development/business model 

Motivated by his passion for reading and his belief in the power of words, Jun-de Cheng has shared more than ten articles worth reading every day for the last four years on his Facebook page, which has inspired many people’s passion for reading. Following increases in feedback and the number of subscribers, this page has gradually become a platform encouraging ordinary people to freely express their creativity and thus initiated a revolution in the name of “reading”.

This platform not only organises regular book clubs, but also diverse experiential courses extended from the idea of “reading”. Apart from a dedication to transforming knowledge into wisdom, workshops are also organised for private enterprises, allowing employees to explore their life and find inspiration through reading. So far, more than one million people have already subscribed to the page. As the biggest Facebook page dedicated to reading in the Sinophone world, people use it to tell their stories and listen to those of others.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

In addition to the daily operations of the platform, Read-Life has also invited its large online community to devote itself to philanthropic activities. It has invited people to donate their laptops to Nepalese children and second-hand shoes to Kenyan children. It has also organised experiential events, in which thousands of people have participated, and donated all the income raised to helping students in remote villages in Taiwan, creating even more diverse value for Read-Life.

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