To sprout a more genuine, healthier lifestyle that sustains.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

Upholding the spirit of “life can always have a better choice”, Greenvines is devoted to advocating a more genuine, healthier lifestyle that sustains.

History of development/business model 

Upholding the spirit of “life can always have a better choice”, Greenvines has invented the first organic living sprouts in Taiwan headed by Dr. Lin Bi-Sha and Prof. Cheng-Yong Cheng from Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at National Taiwan University. On the other hand, Greenvines has developed a series of natural personal cleansing and skincare products that integrate botanical science as well as skin’s real needs with care for the environment. In order to further raise public’s awareness on sustainability, Greenvines has also been promoting life knowledge, so that greater impact can be made for both the society and the environment.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

Starting from 2010, Greenvines has not only partnered with over 400 retailing channels and more than 50 restaurants, over 50 recipes for sprouts and green energy soup have also been made for the public to try at home. At the same time, we have co-operated with over 40 primary, intermediate and high schools to launch the life education program along with more than one hundred talks each year to further increase people’s awareness on issues around whole, real food and sustainable eating.

Starting from 2013, Greenvines has been advocating the concept of “don’t buy this conditioner”, and the purpose behind is to invite customers to rethink about the real expectation from every single personal care product they might purchase. After launching the campaign, 35% of the customers have decided to try not to use the conditioner/ or related product. At the same time, Greenvines has been promoting a new way to take care of the skin called “the lotion-free experiment” which not only is easier, but also more environmental friendly. Since then, over 10,000 people have participated the experiment and the statistic has shown that, the amount of cosmetic products has reduced to 2 or 3 bottles after they conducted the experiment. Greenvines has also been promoting the fair trade Moringa Oil from Ghana, as a way to assist our Moringa partner to develop the largest organic moringa field in Africa. Apart from being able to provide our customers a natural and environmental-friendly skincare choice, the Moringa plan has also helped over 1,500 Ghana farmers to live better as well as to increase the sustainability of the local environment and ecosystem.

In 2017, Greenvines has partnered with Taiwan Earth Day and the Taiwan Environmental Information Association to launch a campaign called “21 days of green”. To date, the event has raised more than 20,000 green action. Besides, Greenvines has successfully been certified as B- corporation in 2015 as well as being one of the honorees for “Best for the world award” in both 2016 and 2017.

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