Spring Pool Glass Industrial CO., LTD

Turning waste glass into works of art and green building materials.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

Spring Pool Glass is committed to converting limited resources into sustainable materials that can be continuously recycled. The company’s business has now already branched out into industrial raw materials, advanced building materials, arts and culture, and factory tours. The ultimate goal of Spring Pool Glass is to be able to pass on the heritage of Taiwan’s glass crafts, arts and industry, and, with the aim of creating world-class glass, promote it to the world.

History of development/business model 

Founder Chun-Tzu Wu established Spring Pool Glass Industrial in 1970 when he used to provide waste glass from his own productions to a small factory, who would use it again as raw materials. At the same time, he also made it his habit to go to all sorts of glass factories to reclaim leftover glass from cutting, eventually creating a glass recycling business.

In 2013, in order to make waste glass more widely used, Spring Pool Glass developed a colourful green building material called “glassstone”, suitable for setting on building walls, public art, garden trails, swimming pools, garden pot plants, etc.

Recently, Spring Pool Glass has been continuously developing new recycling technology in line with its environmental awareness. Following the growing
popularity of computers, communications, and consumer electronics (3C) products, Spring Pool Glass found that significant amounts of waste from LCD screens needed to be recycled and re-used, so began research and development into related technologies. It has since succeeded in processing waste LCD screens into “energy-saving bricks” that are lightweight, highly heat resistant and have excellent sound insulation.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

Spring Pool Glass recovers 100,000 tons of waste glass from around Taiwan each year, which accounts for more than 50% of Taiwan’s waste glass. Every year, the company reduces the use of silica sand by 70,000 tons, lowering carbon emissions by 16.8 million tons. In order to help even more people understand the technique and process of glass recycling, Spring Pool Glass has also opened factories that people can visit, and uses these to give people confidence in the traditional industry once more. At the same time, it supports enterprises to develop more sustainable technology so that the old industry can continue to be passed on.


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