Using information technology to change the self and the world!


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

Jimmy and Charles founded NETivism in 2009. The English name, “NETivism”, comes from a combination of “Net” and “Activism”, which represents the company’s vision for itself: to become an actor in the world of the internet, and to facilitate the effective use of information communication technology for individual internet users, non-profit organisation staff and business owners, so that they will take action to change themselves and the world.  

History of development/business model 

In its early days, NETivism focused on assisting non-profit organisations to set up official websites. Later, it started working more deeply in their day-to-day operations too by assuming the role of providing resources and helping them with their actions and reforms. NETivism has also further developed internet strategy consulting, mobile network solutions and customer relationship management (CRM), and gives customers the freedom to choose a leased solution. Different solutions with different pricing are more attractive to small-scale non-profit organisations as they provide a stable method to manage information systems at a lower cost. NETivism allocates 20% of its profit to non-profit organisation related works and another 20% to the promotion and development of open source software.      

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

NETivism positions itself as a social enterprise that takes public welfare in the digital field as its starting point. By using open source software, it assists non-profit organisations to effectively use the power of information technology and enables them to initiate actions to connect the physical and virtual worlds. As an “arsenal” providing logistical services to non-profit organisations, NETivism hopes to utilise the internet to encourage people to take action, resulting in social change that transcends its entertainment and commercial uses.  


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