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World change begins with action, action begins with experience.

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Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder

The founder of ELIV, Kevin Chen, went to the Philippines as a volunteer in 2008, where he found that many people were willing to participate in international volunteer services, but that they lacked opportunity and channels. Therefore, he established ELIV International Service, calling Taiwanese young people to third world countries to be international volunteers and personally experience the current situation of the world.

History of development/business model

In 2010, Kevin Chen founded ELIV with the investment and support of Flow International (a well-known social venture in Taiwan). In October of the same year, after participating in ELIV’s volunteering service, Helene Chow came to identify with ELIV’s ideas and development potential and decided to contribute capital, becoming the second founder. In 2012, ELIV established its sister organization, ELIV International Service Association. Holding the faith of “empowering local communities, sustainable developments, inspire volunteers, and create changes, ELIV dedicates to become distinguished Asian social innovative brand.

Empowering Lives through Innovative Volunteerism (ELIV) designs and implements social service projects based on the needs of communities, both in Taiwan and abroad. In addition to participating in the trip, volunteers are strategically developed and coached, to make for a transformative experience. The impact is on multiple fronts. Local communities benefit from long-term, effective poverty alleviation efforts. Volunteers gain a new perspective and are empowered to take action – from adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle to making a difference at home, school, or work. ELIV helps volunteers to step out of their comfort zone and tackle social issues directly. ELIV believes in igniting the spark in people’s hearts to take action and change the world.

Our income comes from the registration fee of international volunteer workers, which includes administrative fee and operating costs. Upholding the spirit of social entrepreneurship, ELIV invests a fixed percentage of the annual net profits directly into future projects in the following year, and the rest is put into research and development based on local demands

Creating social value/mitigating social problems

ELIV’s plans now include India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Nepal and Taiwan, bringing sustained investment and construction to the region, and allowing participating volunteers to experience and reflect on unequal regional development, environmental protection and other international issues. In addition, as each service plan is only established into a relationship of long-term development and cooperation following deep understanding of the local situation, this model gradually brings about structural change in the local area and sees cumulative results. By leading Taiwanese young people to engage in international volunteering, ELIV has mitigated local social problems, allowed volunteers to experience the realities of the world, and inspired the idea of creating change.

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