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Creating a new life for people with a spinal cord injury.

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Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

The two major goals of New Life Information Services are to create a friendly employment and working environment for people with spinal cord injuries and to increase the public’s understanding of this group. In addition to inviting companies to work together to create employment opportunities for spinal cord injury sufferers, New Life Information Services also provides consultation services to enterprises who employ such individuals in the hope of creating a friendlier workplace environment and encouraging more home-bound, unemployed disabled people to receive training that can increase their self-confidence and reduce the burden they represent to their family.

History of development/business model 

Each year in Taiwan, about 1,200 individuals suffer a spinal cord injury resulting in severe paralysis due to an accident, which represents a social cost of approximately $25 million to $45 million each individual. The high cost means that many families face the predicament of economic and care resource constraints.

Huang Heming, himself a spinal cord injury sufferer, established the Association of Spinal Cord Injury in 1990, before expanding it into the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers, which helped people who had sustained spinal cord injuries by providing general life and professional training. In 2008, New Life Information Services was officially founded, undertaking the various tasks of website construction, graphic design, publication typesetting, telephone customer service, etc.

When a typical business is faced with the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act and must employ a disabled individual, it is possible for a win-win situation to be created through the introduction of the matchmaking mechanism, “co-employ, co-manage”, that New Life has rolled out. Furthermore, in addition to the New Life Information Services matchmaking service, there is also Barrier Free Company, which provides barrier-free environment planning, as well as VIYA International Company, which markets assistive devices.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

In 2014, New Life Information Services created a turnover of NT$6,860,000. For this organisation, where 70% of employees have severe or very severe injuries, this was a great encouragement. Thanks to its good business performance, New Life Information Services has also relieved the economic pressures faced by spinal cord injury sufferers, improving the atmosphere in many families.

In 2015, New Life Information Services began to expand its focus to schools, setting up training in 3D printing professional skills for people with disabilities at Takming University of Science and Technology. The program is expected to cultivate 8 to 10 professionals a year, allowing injury sufferers to gain employment upon graduation.

New Life Information Services is currently also establishing Benevolent Enterprise Alliance branches in Taipei and Hsinchu, where enterprises with philanthropic interests can join and support its activities. Apart from being able to participate in New Life’s charitable activities, these enterprises are also provided with opportunities for establishing joint business projects or commissioning New Life Information Services to employ, manage and train spinal cord injury sufferers on their behalf in accordance with the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act, so that injury sufferers can work in an accessible environment.

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