Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation

Giving older people security, health and happiness, and renewing the value of life.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

Since the year 1993, Taiwan has been classified as an ageing society. In recent years, the rate of population ageing has seen rapid growth, becoming a problem faced by both society at large and individual families. The aim of Hondao is to strive for the construction of a system of preventative and long term care for an ageing society and promote the goal of every city and county in Taiwan becoming age-friendly through the parallel development of three building blocks: “the promotion of filial piety”, “community care” and “the dream of being forever young”.

History of development/business model 

Hondao was formally established in 1995, when, in addition to providing elderly care services, it also ran bridge, croquet and other activities. By 2005, Hondao gradually saw that the traditional care system could not meet the needs of the market, and sedentary activities did not necessarily make the elderly more active. After that, Hondao started making changes to develop a new mode of operation.

In 2007, Hondao launched the innovative service model “All in One”. Using experiences in community-based and home-based services as its foundation, professional carers are integrated with foreign care workers to provide short and frequent customised care services. Service content can be flexibly arranged according to the different needs of the family, and can include physical care, help completing daily tasks, etc. In addition, care is priced in accordance with different levels of needs.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

At present, Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation has 2,400 community care bases around Taiwan, among which 177 are directly operated and counselled by Hondao. These sites have seen the beginnings of many activities related to the dream of being forever young, such as the well-known documentary Go Grandriders!, the “Forever Young Warriors”, the “Forever Young Bikini Carnival”, which enjoys the sun and sand of Kenting beaches, and so on. These activities give older people the opportunity to show off their vitality and self-confidence, and help elderly people all over Taiwan to ride the waves of their dreams.

In recent years, Hondao has also started to become involved in education, running “elderly life experience camps” that are based on social enterprise concepts and that utilise sound blocks, reading glasses, humpback vests and other tools to simulate the physical degradation of elderly people. It has also designed a series of games and checkpoints to guide participants to personally experience a world after ageing in order to promote a culture of love and respect for the elderly among the wider public.


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