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Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder

By letting more people know about farmers who are devoted to environmentally friendly agriculture, Buy Directly from Farmers hopes to support more green farmers and encourage more young people to return to their hometowns. Its ultimate goal is to transform the notion of “rural villages” into places that everyone will be grateful for. At the same time, it also wants to regain the sense of intimacy once shared between the environment, producers and consumers by shortening the distance between cities and rural villages.

History of development/business model

In 2010, founder Xin Yi Jin  set up a Facebook group called Buy Directly from Farmers and spent a whole year visiting rural villages around Taiwan. She utilised her own marketing strengths to assist farmers in posting information about the produce they grow and sell, and recommending farmers who grow organic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe produce to group members.

Consumers could find out how to contact farmers through Facebook and support agricultural products at a fair and reasonable price.

It turned out that the method of Internet marketing worked. Soon after the social enterprise of the same name was established, consumers could directly order produce from farmers via its website.

Shipping directly from the place of production allows consumers to enjoy the freshest food possible. In addition, the enterprise also works with private companies and individuals to create exclusive gift boxes, help deliver enterprise CSR projects and organise the details of staff activities.  

Creating social value/mitigating social problems

Buy Directly from Farmers is both a romantic and practical social enterprise. Its product description cards are designed like books, allowing consumers to see stories of farmers and land when unwrapping products. Also, consumers can understand the significance behind purchasing behaviour, meaning that farmers who insist on environmentally friendly farming no longer feel alone.

At the same time, when it comes to the income of farmers, 70% of farmers experienced a growth in income of more than 20%(2015-2016 BDFF Social impact report ), and one in five of these even had a growth of more than 50%. Furthermore, for the more than 60 farmers who have been cooperating for more than one year, their harvest over the last two seasons has been more than twice the size of the first half of the year.

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