9Floor Co-Living Apt.

Reimagining youth shared spaces.


Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder

The concept of co-living, in which families share communal spaces like laundries, kitchens and dining rooms, first emerged in 1960s. Founders Shiyin Rung Pan and Jerry Wang closely followed the issue of housing when they were studying at the National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of Building and Planning. Based on international experiences of co-living, they jointly created 9Floor, which dedicates itself to creating communal spaces, where not only housing and food are shared, but interaction and work are too. Implementing the idea of “inviting your guests to move into your house”, 9Floor combines living spaces with other exchange activities, bringing more imagination and possibilities to the usage of common communal spaces.

History of development/business model

The concept of a sharing economy is now being actively developed and used, and 9Floor is the best example of space sharing. At the moment, there are five co-living apartments in Da’an District, Zhongzheng District and the Eastern District of Taipei, which not only provide space for long-term residents, but also satisfy the needs of short-term tenants. Founder Shiyin Rung Pan said, “There is a group of house-seekers excluded from the rental market: short-term tenants seeking three to five month-long tenancies. Landlords normally don’t want to rent out their houses to tenants who are not going to stay for at least one year, so this group is forced into hotels or hostels. 9Floor perfectly satisfies their needs. Apart from short-term residential space, it also creates a circle in which people can interact.” By renting out rooms to tenants at a higher monthly rate, it transforms the typical rental model, establishing a dining space where it is convenient for tenants to eat together and a living room that becomes a place for holding activities and exchanges.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems

from allowing more residents to share their ideas with each other, it also creates better communal spaces. Exchanges and dialogues can occur in the living spaces and residents who stay here can drink coffee and work on the balcony.  At the same time, different ideas are inspired in the kitchen when tenants cook together. 9Floor extends the meaning of “home”, allowing more people to live more comfortably, and making “housing” mean more than just “habitation”.

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Wunjhou St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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