Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op

We trust that consumption can change the world.

Food & Agriculture

Enterprise/business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

Through selling natural and safe products, the Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op advocates supporting local agriculture, practicing a green life, creating a sustainable society based on justice, health and happiness, and using the shopping basket to promote a local consumer revolution.

History of development/business model 

The Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op originated from a consumer movement started by a group of mothers. In 1993 in Taiwan, food safety problems like cadmium contaminated rice and pesticide residues were becoming more frequent, so, in search of safe and healthy food, some mothers gathered more than 100 households into a “Green Life Shop” in order to encourage and support farmers who planted chemical-free agricultural crops. They directly ordered agriproducts from their friends and supported local farmers to continue producing safe crops.

In 2001, when the number of members reached 1799, the Taiwan Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op was established. Each member is a shareholder with the same level of power and obligation. In the event of an annual surplus, it is first used to make up for any cumulative loss, and then pay dividends, before half of any remaining surplus is allocated to members, while the other half is spent on office reserves, staff compensation, and other public welfare purposes. The Co-op has developed until today under this model.

Creating social value/mitigating social problems 

The Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op currently has a total of 51 cooperative stations that provide as many as 800 different kinds of products, including daily necessities, horticultural handicrafts, grains, and pesticide-free fruit and vegetables, to 69,000 members. In addition, 150 farmers have already joined, with products and cooperating partners springing up all over the place. Committed to environmental protection and collective consumption, the Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op has used the accumulation of consumer power and a show of social power to put a green life into practice.

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