A hair and makeup kingdom that pushes “green” to the ultimate.


Enterprise/Business Philosophy and Objectives of the Founder

We are clear as to what shampoo our customers hope for, but what shampoo are the rivers hoping for? This is the concept that O’right has held firm to from its establishment as a cosmetic representative, and continues to pursue as a transformed green enterprise. O’right is the manifestation of founder Steven Ko’s environmentally friendly ideals, conducting research and development in the areas of natural plant-based products while avoiding harmful chemical additives.  O’right uses “natural”, “pure”, and “environmentally protective” ideals in its hair care products to improve the health of both consumers and the Earth.

History of Development/Business Model

It is evident from looking at O’right’s green headquarters that this brand is committed to the environmental cause. Unlike ordinary hair care products, O’right uses organic raw materials and meets environmental protection standards throughout the research, design and production of its products. O’right’s products have been recognized with the “carbon footprint” label, the “carbon neutral” certification and the C2C (Cradle to Cradle) international environmental protection certification.  Product packaging design adopts environmentally friendly materials that can decompose, thereby lowering the amount of waste while working towards reducing the global greenhouse effect, and thus decreasing the ecological burden.  O’right’s social philosophy and sustainability focus has influenced up and downstream supply chain members, saloon clients and end-consumers, leaving a green impression on all involved.  Brand uniqueness, coupled by award and certification recognition, has led to an established brand value and market advantage. 

Creating Social Value/Mitigating Social Problems

O’right’s green certifications, low-carbon production and environmentally friendly products incorporate the whole of its upstream and downstream supply chain.  By implementing concrete CSR practices and instilling green ideals in its hair care products, O’right encourages saloons to transform into green saloons.  O’right invites saloons and supply chain members to participate in CSR events such as Earth Hour 60+, beach clean-up and group tree planting, calling on each of us to reduce carbon and protect the Earth. Consumers our touched by O’right’s relentless commitment to sustainability and co-existence with the environment, enabling our green brand inspire a love for the Earth.


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