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Enterprise/Founder’s belief and company objectives

Founder Ben Hsieh (Chairman of the Taiwan Foundation for the Blind)  set up Dialogue in the Dark Taipei (DiD Taipei) in Taiwan in 2011 with the authorization from the German Dialogue Social Enterprise (DSE) .  DID Taipei   provides “ Dialogue in the dark workshop  “ and this allows the public to appreciate the extraordinary capabilities that  many visually impaired people possess.   

History /business model

The courses provided by DiD Taipei are majorly divided into education and entertainment, and these are all conducted in a totally dark environment. There are “concert in the dark “and “Dialogue in the Dark Workshop”.  The workshops provide different experiential learning programs dedicated to developing leadership, communication, teambuilding, empathy and boundary enhancement. The workshops can be very effective in the development and training of human resources and can help organizations and public sectors to identify talent or detect problems.  In addition, there are courses open to individual enrolments.  

The major part of the workshop is conducted in a dark room in which the visually impaired trainers are responsible for leading the participants to complete missions in an entirely dark environment. After that, the participants are brought back to another room with normal light for reflection and sharing. By being blind temporarily, individuals’ potential can be cultivated and other senses can be strengthened through the transformation of energy.   Corporate issues can be identified through the process of completing the missions as a team.  The drastic contrast between the visually impaired and clear vision allows the participants to see their core values, hence, the boundaries can be broadened and they can become more accommodating.

Creating social value

DiD Taipei has provided many employment opportunities for the visually impaired people through these innovative experiences in the dark .  Its experience exchange with DSE in other nations has also expanded its visibility to the world.The participants are able to understand better the challenges and difficulties faced by the visually impaired people through this kind of experiences.

DiD Taipei not only aim to change people, but also hopes to change the environment at large. It hopes that by creating job opportunities for the visually impaired people, the general public’s empathy for and acceptance of them will be raised, and, meanwhile, that participants will be inspired to become more accommodating and able to have more break through whenever needed.  

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