Victory Potential Development Centre for the Disabled

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Enterprise/The business philosophy and objectives of the founder 

In volunteering experiences that brought him into contact with many people with disabilities, founder and director Roy Chang, himself a polio sufferer, saw different potentials for their lives. Therefore, in 2000, he set up the Victory Potential Development Centre for the Disabled, carrying the vision of ‘inspiring life potential in people with disabilities and creating value’. Bringing together people with different kinds of physical and mental disabilities, the Centre provides individuals with diverse vocational training and a working space that operates in a team-based and self-sufficient manner. It hopes to eliminate the phenomenon of unequal opportunity that people with disabilities face in employment, movement, and so on.  

History of development/business model 

The Centre provides a network of employment services for people with disabilities through a range of integrated employment services, including the design and development of new types of jobs, work centre management, vocational training, and home-schooling, so that individuals can be sure of themselves and enjoy an enhanced sense of accomplishment. At present, catering services, the Victory Petrol Station, the Victory Glass Studio, the Victory Data Entry Centre and the V-design Visual Design Work Centre constitute the main sources of income for the Centre.  

The Centre develops the skills of individuals with a variety of physical and mental disabilities and searches for appropriate vocations for them, based on the specific characteristics of each person. People with different disabilities form teams where they cooperate and make up for each other’s shortcomings in order to improve overall work efficiency. This ‘diversification’ does not label specific groups, but creates a mutually supportive and understanding environment. The ultimate goal is for people who have been well trained to take up employment in a general work setting, so they do not have to live permanently under an umbrella of protection, but can instead return to the community where they grew up.  

Creating social value​​/mitigating social problems 

The Centre does not rely on donations from any organisations, and has established ten business bodies, creating job opportunities for two hundred trainees with physical and mental disabilities. In Taiwan, disability employment opportunities currently provided by many non-profit organisations are dedicated to only one specific type of disability. As a result, the stereotype that people with disabilities can ‘only’ do certain things has been created among the general public. The Centre’s diversified management and community-based employment assistance prevents the labelling of people with disabilities, and helps them to become self-reliant in society. 

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