Buffalo Bookstore/I Love You Food Market

A bookstore that promotes reading culture in remote villages and empowers disadvantaged children.

Mountain Lodge

Coming to know this land through our daily lives.

Cha Tzu Tang

Revitalising the cultural depth of camellia seed, and to cherish and honour the traditions and culture of our homeland, Taiwan.


To sprout a more genuine, healthier lifestyle that sustains.


Reading makes our life complete.

Rice Revolution Restaurant

Giving you a tasty and healthy dining option.

The Big Issue, turning the homeless into salespeople extraordinaire

Data has shown that Taiwan’s poverty rate is 1.73%, ranking the lowest in the world. However,...

Speaking out for “the stranger” in five languages, this newspaper achieved the highest sales rate in all of Taiwan

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is Ramadan. During this month, almost every Muslim abstains...

Aurora Social Enterprise is laying down employment opportunities, attracting indigenous youth to “come back home”

“For 400 years, every regime that has come to Taiwan has brutally violated the rights of...