There is no such thing as an inherently disadvantaged group, only ones with different talents

"People with disabilities are experts at overcoming difficulties," said the CEO of a US internet community...

Young people, selling produce on behalf of small farmers is not the only solution to problems in agriculture

During exchanges with social entrepreneurs working in the agricultural industry, we have noticed a phenomenon that...

7C Kitchen

Creating communal food from leftovers and giving it to the homeless.

New Life Information Services Co. Ltd.

Creating a new life for people with a spinal cord injury.


Let the game help you learn.

Say goodbye to artificial flavours and colours! This ice lolly brand uses 100% real pulp, giving a new life to unsold fruit

All kinds of fruit are grown in the rich soils of Taiwan, but people often do...

“Disadvantaged people shouldn’t be excluded.” This mayor with an entrepreneurial spirit spent 18 years breaking down social barriers.

Barriers are always hurtful and ruthless. Heping West Road divides Taipei into two parts, with...

You thought surplus food couldn’t be delicious? 7C Kitchen provides meals of meat and vegetables, giving a haven to people going through a hard time

“Hello, I’m from 7C Kitchen, an organisation dedicated to redistributing surplus food to vulnerable people who...